Community Helpers: Dairy Farm

Preschool Home-school Community Helpers: Dairy Farmer

For the next part of our farmer's study we decided to visit a different type of farm where they don grow vegetables, but take care of animals. I googled Local Dairy Farm and found a small one only 15 minutes from our house! Miss Becky not only allowed us to visit, but she gave us a tour around their dairy farm! Just goes to show you it never hurts to ask and many people are happy to help homeschoolers!

Miss Becky's farm
is a smaller farm but still uses all the technology the bigger dairy farms use. Batman had the most fun playing with the dozen kittens running all around the barn!

Discussion Questions:
  • How they help our city/what would happen if we didn’t have Dairy Farmers?
  • What is Dairy and what food is it in?- We followed this up with several fridge hunts and talks over meals about what we were eating.

Writing Activities:
  • Making C in salt on tray
  • Use Corn kernels (cow's food) to make letter C for Corn and cow
Word Wall:
  • Barn
  • Cow

Science Lessons/Activities:
  • Use latex gloves with holes to "milk" water
  • Gluing cottons balls on cow coloring page
  • "Painting with milk"- using watered glue over tissue paper
  • Color, cut, glue, and label dairy farm elements onto our Community Helpers Map

  • I made several with cows that different shapes/number of black spots. The boys had to find matches of either shapes or number of spots during a memory match game
Farmers Book List
  • The Old Red Tractor
  • Barn Sneeze
  • From Calf to Cow
  • One Tractor; A Counting Book
  • Several non fictions Farmer/cow books

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