Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Priorities

I am tying to post these as I reminder to myself on how to structure my daily schedule because I tend to get the order mixed up. It is hard to write this post. Many days I feel some are battling to be moved up to one or at least the top three. Today I think God has given me the correct biblical order.... I hope.

The biggest problem I have in planning my daily schedule according to this list is discerning URGENT from IMPORTANT. Laundry can become urgent when no one has clean underwear, but reading to my children is important. Work emails can become urgent, but nightly family dinners with my husband is important. My children's need may be urgent, but my bible study is important.

 I must first discern what is urgent and what is important, then decide what to address first. Sometimes urgent comes before important, but I don't my whole day spent doing the urgent and missing out on the important.

1. Daughter of The King

2. Wife and helper to my husband

3. Mother and teacher of my beautiful children

4. Family member & Sister in Christ

5. Servant in my church

6. Part Time Photographer of wonderful people

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