FAMILY~Grandparent Christmas Present

My sister-in-law and I came up with a joint present idea for my in-laws.  I have two children and she has four, so we had the right amount of kids to  spell out "Family". Since grandparents already love grand-kid pictures, what  better than ALL their grand-kids in one picture!

Depending on the amount of grand kids, you could spell out any type of word:

  • JOY
  • LOVE
  • HOPE
  • Your last name

Materials for letters:
  • scotch Tape and printed letters
  • Sturdy Cardboard (I used free boxes from an Aldi's run )
  • Exacto knife or box cutter
  • White or cream yarn
  • hot glue gun 

1. Cut letters out of cardboard. Tape printed letter to edges cardboard.  Use exacto knife to cut on lines to create the letter silhouette.  ***Don't forget to put a cutting mat , or something comparable,underneath or you ill damage your table.

2. Wrap yarn around.  A good tutorial can be found here. We used fabric glue to start on bottom of letter, then use on back as you wrap to secure yarn.  

Tip we learned the hard way : ON edges, cut the yarn and glue in lines,like this,  instead of wrapping around difficult corners.  You will see on the "L" we had a big bunch around the corners, but on the "A" we glued them in diagonal  lines.  You may have to click on picture for full size to see difference.

3.  Take Pictures. For the best consistency in your picture use the same background for each of the kids; then black and white really makes the letters pop.  You could do color if you REALLY want but I think it detracts from the point of spelling ONE word with  SIX pictures.

4.  Mat and Frame.  You can buy a six opening collage frame that includes matting at  online. I think a  white matte is best to not detract from the black and white pictures.

** We needed to cut our own matte since my brother in law was making a custom wood frame for the pictures. My husband cut the matting (33 by 9) with six 4x6 openings with an exact-o knife. We did our matte ourselves because due to all the openings, the hobby store quoted us over $70 to get a custom matte done in store.

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