Animal Study- Animal Tracks

Getting my kids excited to learn about animals isn't really that hard.  But way to get them Super excited to pretend to be ANIMAL DETECTIVES.  This lesson can be used from K-3rd grade (see variations during book)

Lesson Introduction/Hook-
Show pictures of tracks on the computer or in books.  I had some prints of tracks I had found by a pond on a walk at my in-laws house.  Ask the kids to guess what types of animals  they think left the tracks, and tell them they will know by the end of the class.

Wild tracks! : a guide to nature's footprints / Jim Arnosky  
  • Younger Children- Focus more on the track pages and talk about sizes and shapes.
  • Older Children-You can extend the lesson by going into the differences Canine vs. Feline tracks.
Use play-dough, plastic forks and spoons to recreate animals tracks on the worksheet.

Free Printable  

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