Thursday, October 13, 2016

4th grade- Creation To the Greeks

We are in our 5th year of homeschooling, using My Father's World Curriculum. My twins are in 4th grade, and we are doing Creation to The Greeks in the MFW family cycle. 

 Below is how we are organizing Creation to The Greeks, and other subjects, with workboxes (adapted from Sue Patrick's system).  We are working on some 3rd grade math, 5th-6th grade know how it is when going at your child's real rate of learning. 

  • Workboxes- holds all individual subjects, also storage of History & Root Words notebook
  • Agenda Board- directions for individual subjects
  • Hanging File Organizers- Student Sheets organized by week
  • Teacher Binder-With 5 folders 
  1. Math Folder for one boy
  2. Math Folder for other boy
  3. Timeline pieces & schedule for Draw & Write Through History (found in CttG Facebook group)
  4. Root Words- index cards and notebook pages (found in CttG Facebook group)
  5. Printed Materials for Piano Practice
    Homeschool Room (other half is my office desk)
Agenda Board and most of our supplies.  Each boy has a pencil box in his desk with basic supplies.
The left 3 cubes are for school books & Bibles. My teacher binder is stored on top of shelf.
I store our student sheets by week in a hanging binder.


Together Time

We sit on our couch, or do experiments in the kitchen for most together time subjects. If one of these subjects has a notebook page, I send the boys to their desk to finish it, then it is stored in a workbox.
  • History Reading, Activities, & Note booking
  • Science reading & experiments
  • Root Words
Cuneiform Writing in Sugar Cookie dough,
during History Together Time

Each child has subjects in different order to allow one-on-one time with Mom in Math and Language Arts. There is also a TEN MINUTE BREAK card, usually in Box 5.
  1. History-where they store their completed student sheets and History notebook
  2. Root Words- index card or sentences 
  3. English- Language Lessons for Today, Grade 4
  4. Art- Draw and Write Through History *
  5. Spelling- Spelling by Sound and Structure.  We choose this curriculum because it is more independent work than suggested Spelling Power, with a test each Friday.
  6. Writing- Writing Stands, Level 3*
  7. Math-Math U See, supplement with Life of Fred* 
  8. Typing- We use  Each boys does 5 screens a day.
  9. Spanish- DuoLingo for now, but adding Rosetta Stone soon.
  10. Piano- We use Hoffman Academy,  if there is a video to watch, it is on the Agenda Board. I they have a music worksheet to do, it is in their box.
 *Specific assignment on agenda white board

Individual Time

  • Reading- Read for at least 20 minutes from Book Basket. My kids are book worms, so I don't have to remind them much to read, but I do check to make sure they are reading from  Book Basket.
  • Daily Chores-All chores must be done before screen time
  • Read-Alouds are done as Bedtime story with Dad

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