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Trading Fancy for Freedom

A little late, but on January 12th, 2017 we celebrated TEN YEARS in our little 900 sq foot bungalow. If you’ve known me long enough, you’ve heard me complain about my “tiny” house….and you’ve probably heard me say how I also love my house. I am a walking contradiction, this house is my constant battle to learn contentment. Every time I think I have it, it slips away, and I get to learn it all over again. I have no right to complain, but I do. All. The. Time. I complain about not having a dining room. I complain about the floor plan. I complain about the tiny living room & the sketchy neighbors.

I have had a love/hate relationship with this house, but it is my manna. My every morning reminder than God provides.

Yesterday, in homeschool we studied the manna God provided the Hebrews in the desert. I tried to describe to the boys how the food of Egypt was no more nourishing than the sweet honey-flavored Manna God provided, it was just fancier, with spices and variety. As I read the Egyptians' groans over missing the food of Egypt, it was easy to judge them. How could they not be content with the simple manna, when fancy food of Egypt came with the high price of their freedom?

Then it hit me right between the eyes, how many times have I given up my freedom for “fancy”? My want for fancier clothes, house, or cars could easily lead us into slavery of debt. A want for a fancier, more exciting life could also easily lead me into slavery to sin, seeking pleasure and identity in anything other than the simple & nourishing life with which God has blessed me.

I’m pretty sure if the Hebrews read my post comparing manna to my little house, filled with a variety of food and all the creature comforts of the modern world, they would probably throw up a little in disgust. I am spoiled beyond belief, almost disgustingly so. Lord, never let me forget the miracle that is my home, my marriage, and my family.

Lord, never let me give up my freedom for the fancy.

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