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I was a Preschool & Kindergarten teacher for several years before becoming a mother, and  my educational philosophy for Early Childhood l is very simple:

1.  Read to them
Fill your house with books about things they love, and they will grow to love books! In the below lessons, I have compiled our book lists and the simple activities we did with each study.  We checked out every picture books on whatever subject we were "studying" from out library.

Please note, if your child is looking through a book's pictures without you reading the words, they are still learning!  We are teaching them books are a source of finding new information. This is the time to teach them a love of books; pop up books, fuzzy books, silly books, books about their favorite trucks or animal, etc.   Creating a Print Rich Environment for your Preschooler is also a fun way to teach them the importance of words.

2. Let Them Play
After years of being with preschoolers, I don't need my degree in Early Childhood to tell you they through playing, I promise their brain is growing!!!  Preschoolers MUST act out what they are learning to incorporate into their learning schema.  Our kids understand their family of origin by "playing house".  They understand the process of making food but making mud pies.

You can aid in this play by incorporating field trips and props.  Visit a restaurant, then put blank paper pads and pencils in their play kitchen for them to "take orders".  They are still concrete learners, they do not understand metaphor or abstract ideas. Preschoolers learn about things they can touch and see; there is almost no use teaching about space as a preschoolers because they can't touch the stars, BUT they can play in a big bin of corn kernels  or eat corn on the cob after visiting a farmer and riding his tractor.

 Community Helpers Unit-Preschool-K

  1. Introduction to Community Helpers; Our Neighborhood
  2. Farmers- In the Field
  3.  Farmers- In the Orchard
  4. Dairy Farmers
  5. Fire Fighters
  6. Garbage Collectors
  7. Nurses and Doctors 

Tree Study Unit- Preschool- 1st grade

The following lessons are ones I taught in a Kindergarten-1st grade class at my homeschool co-op. Each includes a book, a large group activity, and an art.
  1. Tree Study Book List
  2. Tree Roots 
  3. Winter Trees 
  4. Tree Rings, inside a tree trunk 
  5. Spring Blossoms
  6. Balloon trees:  Uses for a Tree

Science Lesson Plans-Preschool-1st Grade

Holiday Family Lessons

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