Community Helpers: Garbage Collectors

Preschool Homeschool-Garbage Collector Unit Study
We made a list of the helpers we wanted to learn about w
hen we first discussed community helpers at the beginning of the year. Garbage Collectors were far and away more exciting to the boys than me. I even planned on skipping them, when the boys both drew garbage trucks on my birthday card...and then asked for trash trucks for Christmas. Through this study I was able to see again how much more children really learn when the subject is based on their true interests.
Above is a picture of when we walked around our neighborhood counting/graphing dumpster & trashcans. We have several small family restaurants near us so finding dumpsters wasn't too hard.
Circle Time Discussions-
  • What would happen if we didn’t have garbage collectors in our city?
  • T for Trash- make in shapes, trace in sand, draw on white erase board
Wood Wall
  • Trash truck
  • Trash
  • dumpster
Science Lessons:
  • Recycling,
  • Sanitation/cleanliness-germs in trash can make us sick
  • rotten- observe old fruit
Field Trips:
  • Our own back yard on Trash pick up day;)
  • Recycling Center
  • Superior Waste Systems- I could not get anyone on the phone for a field trip s we drove to their parking lot later in the day when their pickups where done and jus t looked at the trucks through the fence

We saw many old TV's, computers, and tree branches recycled at the recycling center

Art activities-
  • Color, cut, label and glue truck, trashcans, and dumpsters to map.
  • Trash collage (glue piece of scarp paper I had been saving to a picture of trash truck)
  • recycled art- make caterpillars from old egg cartons
  • make a garbage truck our of several recycled paper shapes and glue on paper
  • AB Patterning with cut out dumpsters and trashcans
  • Do some patterns with blocks, trash? leaves?
  • Take a walk around neighborhood and graph dumpsters and trashcans
  • Use pattern blocks to build a trash truck

Book List
(sorry I forgot to write down authors!)

"I Stink"
"Trashy Town"
"A Day in the Life of a Garbage Collector"
"Garbage Barge"
"Garbage trucks"
"Garbage Collectors; In my Neighborhood"

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