Community Helpers:Grain&Vegetables Farmers

Preschool Homeschool Community Helpers ;Vegetable Farmer Unity Study
Discussion Question-
  • How they help our city/what would happen if we didn’t have Corn and vegetable Farmers?
  • What kinds of farms are there?(this is good to keep discussing over meals later about what we eat)
  1. Vegetable and Grain Farms
  2. Fruit Orchard
  3. Dairy Farm
  • What kind of vegetables and grains do farmers grow?
Vehicles for Corn Farmers:
  • Combines- part of a combine (cab/cutter bar, hopper,etc)
  • Tractor
  • Auger
We were able to see the large yellow combine he uses for the fields, then also ride on this smaller antique red combine in actions! Farmer Randy takes it to tractor shows!
  • using Dry erase boards to draw F for farm
  • Letter C for corn; spell with corn kernels, trace in cornmeal
  • draw a tractor and letter T in Corn
Word Wall for Corn Farmers:
  • Tractor
  • Farm
  • Corn
  • Combine
Science Lessons/Activities:
  • Life cycle of a Plant- Read book about life cycle of corn and line up different sized green straws from smallest to biggest to discuss corn stalks growing
  • Husking a Corn Cob
  • Different types of corn; feed, popcorn, food
Field Trips for Corn/Vegetable Farmer:
  • Farmer’s market (lots of visits!)
  • Family Friend's Corn Farm
  • Long drives in the country:)-What do the farms around our city grow in a field; soybeans, corn, etc.
Art/craft activities-
  • make tractors and fields for map/scissors skills to cut out
  • cut yellow and green paper and glue to make corn field
  • Rolling corn in paint on trays
  • Gluing corn kernels to paper to make fields

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