Community Helpers:Our House/Our Community

For 2011-2012 Preschool Home School Study we are doing a year long Unit Study of Community Helpers. It will consist of several mini-unit studies on the community helpers that the boys and I decide who we want to study. We started studying our community by focusing on our own house & neighborhood.

Some activities we did to kick off our study:

  •  This is My Town: Little Critters by Mercer Mayer
  • "Community Helpers A-Z" (kind of dated book but gets them thinking) and then made out list of Community helpers we wanted to study. Be prepared for some fun discussion and be very open to their leading. My boys were a lot more excited about studying garbage collectors that I would have dreamed!
  • Our local library has had story bags with a theme of books. We checked out the Occupations Bag and read all the books to see some different jobs in our area. From that we extended our list for study for the year.

  • Painting a map and making roads for our community. This map will be added to through out study. We ended up adding two more large green pieces to fit everything! Take lots of walks before and have fun taking pictures of our house/neighborhood!
  • Putting our house on our Map. I drew the items and the boys practiced scissor skills by cutting them out. Be sure to have a discussion about this because your children may surprise you at hoe observant they are! I planned on just drawing our house, but the boys insisted we put our trees, driveway and garage, cars, and sidewalk on the map. I had to draw the line somewhere when they wanted to put the tiny flowerpots on our front porch on the map:) we ended up adding the park down the street from us because it was so important to the boys!
  • My boys were very into drawing at this time, so we adapted and had them collect the tons of sticks in our front yard and used them to construct our house. This activity helped with observation skills and shape identification.
  • We also used some felt shapes to build our house inside. This was a fun way to explore shapes and patterning.

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