Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

We have begun Kindergarten!

For our 2012-2013 School Year we are using My Father' World Kindergarten curriculum, the basic package.  I love Unit Studies, and the Charlotte Mason Approach, and MFW combines both approaches, along with a little classical.

The Kindergarten curriculum is easy to teach , open and go curriculum. All the subjects are combined into your day as you teach. Our day starts out with a 100's chart and calendar. An example of how the other subjects are all integrated is when we learn about the letter T; our science includes books and articles on turtles, art and cutting of fun turtle art, and the bible characteristic of perseverance as we read Aesop's Tale "The Tortoise and the Hare."

The lessons take us only 20-40 minutes a day, which is developmentally appropriate for a kindergartner.  I am no doctorate, but I do have a degree in Early Child Education, and  appreciate that My Father's World truly understands Early Learning and Brain Development.  It is a time of learning HOW to learn, fostering the love of learning through experiencing and making hands on connections with the world around them, through play and reading.

Days of Creation at the beginning of the year

Optional Supplements  to My Father's World

PLEASE NOTE-  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY A SEPARATE MATH OR LANGUAGE ARTS WITH MY FATHER'S WORLD KINDERGARTEN.  All subjects are tied into basic package.  The supplements we added are completely optional.

HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS- We added  Handwriting Without Tears/Preschool packet  to the day to help handwriting b.c we had A LOT of tears when we started the year. My boys were  JUST five year old, and in hindsight, could have waited a little longer before started handwriting.
Mat Man from Handwriting without tears

WHITE BOARDS WITH LINES- MFW includes a lot of fun tactile ways to lean letters, but my boys were struggling (picture a lot of crying) with the small pencils and one inch tall lines of the handwriting worksheet.  The lines on the whiteboard are a full 2 inches tall and give the boys an opportunity to practice the letter and draw an item of that letter.We adapted to learn the letter/sound with Handwriting Without Tears, then practiced on our white boards before even attempting to write with a pencil on the small lines of the MFW student sheets. After adding HWT and white boards, the twin who struggled with handwriting is having no problem with the MFW handwriting pages!

MATH-  Continuing on the tactile learning style curriculum, we have supplemented with Math-U-See primer.  We didn't see the need at the beginning of the year for this supplement because MFW has a comprehensive K curriculum that includes math concepts.  Yet as I looked ahead to 1st and 2nd grade, I knew that My Father's World does not include math in it's core curriculum, but recommends Singapore Math.  I didn't think Singapore math was as appropriate for my for tactile learners as Math-U-See.  Seeing that we would eventually start on Math-U-See, I received advice that the curriculum is structured to build on top of the foundation it lays in it's primer and alpha programs.  This has led us to start the Primer packet mid- Kindergarten.


  1. Hi, Robyn-
    I've really appreciated your comparison between MFW and Sonlight, and often find myself see-sawing between the two. Personally, I am more drawn to Sonlight, but I think my observation tells me my son needs more hands-on. My question is: have you found the activities fairly easy to implement? I will have a second-grader next visit year, but also three younger children. Related to that, I have considered just buying the Adventures student sheets for my kindergartener ( and doing her own Phonics and Math). Or would you recommend just purchasing the Kindergarten curriculum?

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    2. HI Lauren, sorry it took me a a week to get back to you. While I think the K are very hands on and meaningful, I have found the activities VERY easy to implement, usually done with items from our my house. In my opinion, the sheets for Adventures would not be developmentally appropriate for MOST Kindergartners, unless they are reading and WRITING 2 to 3 grades levels ahead. Adventures asks for a lot more writing than K.