Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY

 After looking at goodwill and other thrift stores, I quickly saw that the trend of ugly Christmas sweater parties had wiped out all my 2nd hand options.  Being the frugal person I am, I was not going to pay full price for a sweater at Walmart that I would only wear once.  I bought a plain red 80's cable knit sweater for husband and  winter polar bear sweater for me, then raided my craft supplies and old Christmas decorations.                                           
If you do not have a stash of old Christmas decor, just check out the holiday section at Goodwill, you will find some truly tacky items to use. 

We transformed our plain holiday sweaters into Prize Winning Ugly Sweaters with the help of a 
hot glue gun, lots of sequins, rhinestones, old Christmas decorations, and puffy fabric paint.  
 My sweater is not too ugly unless you get up close and see all the bedazzling and puffy paint. 
Husband's sweater immediately won ugliest sweater with his homemade Christmas Tree made from
  tacky tinsel and the Christmas lights that really lit up if he stood close enough to an outlet to plug himself in.

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  1. Your sweaters are really good for party. Want to have same for my Christmas party too at venue New York. If will get sometime then will make sweaters for my friends too. They will like this gift for sure. Will take fantastic ideas from internet and want to have awesome celebrations.