Homeschool Valetine's Day

 This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. 
John 15:12
Who says you can't have a great valentine's day party in home-school?  It was a not a focus on romantic love in anyway. We made the day a focus on how God commands us to love one another, and also gratitude for all the people we love.

Starting the day off with Pink Chocolate chip pancakes of course:)

I made a small Valentines Toss wit Dixie cups tapes to the bottom of a box, and pom-poms to throw. We also used this as another opportunity to extend a math concept from My Father's World.  The tally Marks we used to track our points are also introduced in Zebra lesson of MFW Kindergarten.

We found the printable "Hearts 100 Square" and we made it into a kind of math game of filling in the numbers up to 100 using the "clues" of the numbers on the chart.  The same site had many other Valentine printable for all ages.

Earlier in the week we made lots of valentines with markers and stickers for cousins and grandparents.  We used it as an opportunity to learn about addresses and mailing from post office.  The valentine below is what each boy made for Daddy.

In a focus on gratitude, we also drew 4 things we loved.

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